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My name is Mark Connell, owner of Gladiator Enterprises. I have been supplying the military and civilians with personal identity tags or 'dog tags' for over 30 years. Being a son of a WWII soldier, I've always been interested in the military and military history. Some years ago whilst travelling and by chance, I came across an embossing machine that made 'dog tags'. At first I almost passed it up, however it came with some supplies  and in no time I was making 'dog tags'.

Eventually, I  purchased several other machines so that we could  supply both  Australian and U.S. military tags, and with 'raised' or 'sunken' embossing, what ever style was desired.


It wasn't long before we became a regular supplier to Australian Defence Force personnel and civilians alike. Over the years I have supplied thousands of embossed dog tags, not only to military personnel but to the general public whom also require a strong personal identification system.

If you want to contact me, I welcome comments and suggestions, please e-mail me at

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